Mobile app tour

Our mobile app works a little differently than the main desktop version of the site, and we'll be happy to give you a quick walk-through.

After logging into the mobile app, a video should automatically start playing, with the channel guide displaying below it. You can then choose different channels in the channel guide to begin watching them.


Above the video, you'll also see tabs for "Featured", "TV", "Movies" and more like "Music", "News" and "Sports" when you drag that top bar over to the left.


After clicking on either of those tabs/sections, you'll be presented with a pop-out menu asking you to choose the specific genre of category for that section. For TV, you'll see options like "Broadcast Networks", "Cable networks", "TV Collections" and more.

To access the main menu on the mobile app, just tap the square with three lines in it, in the top left corner. This will bring up the main app menu you see below, allowing you to choose between "Channels", "On Demand" content, "Pay Per View" and more.

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