Free Content on SelectTV

What is Free?
To see what's free, click on the left side menu and select Channels, TV Shows, Movies or MusicEverything listed under the Channels section will be completely free to watch. 

However, when you select either TV Shows or Movies, it will then present you with further options for "Free""Premium", "Networks" and "Genres". Select Free to only view freely-available TV shows in the SelectTV library.

Much like cable, the live channels on SelectTV Are scheduled programming, available 24/7. Some of our live channels are happening as you watch and others are pre-recorded and delivered in a live format. 

However, the vast majority of free content available on SelectTV is available on-demand, not live. 

TV Shows > Free
At the top of the page you'll see a featured TV Show slider with about 5-6 freely-available episodes displaying from various networks like ABC, CW and more. 
You can also scroll down the page to view TV show categories like Trending TV, Most Watched and other on demand tv show providers. After selecting a TV show from one of these sections, just look under LATEST FREE EPISODES and select an episode number/title to pull up the free content source. 

Movies > Free
At the top of the page you'll see a featured movies slider with 3-4 freely-available movies displaying from various content providers like Crackle, Vudu, IMDB and more.
You can also scroll down the page a little to view movie carousels for Popular Free Movies and various movie channels/providers. 

After reaching the Music section you can select from thousands of music channels from different decades and genre. This also includes music channels for different countries and all kinds of special interests. 

My Favorites
When you save a particular TV show, movie or channel to your Favorites, you can find it here. To add a TV show or movie to your Favorites, simply visit its show or movie page and scroll over the image to bring up a blue "Add to Favorites" button with a heart symbol next to it. Click that button to add the show or movie to your Favorites.  
To add a channel to your favorites just click on the little start icon that sits next to the channel in the guide.