Movies on SelectTV

Free Movies On Demand
To see all of the free movies available on demand in the SelectTV library, just select "Movies" from the left side menu. The next page will include freely-available movies for various genres, with a handful of featured movies in the slider at the top of the page.

Below each movie image you should also see a list of the free content providers of which that particular title is available through. You can also scroll over the movie images to see brief movie descriptions.

To see all of the free movies available for a particular genre, just click the "View More" link directly above each movie carousel, next to the genre name. This will take you to a new page with a lot more free movie options. 

Once you select a particular movie, you will be taken to its movie page with all free viewing options. Some movies may have one free content source, while others may have 2-3 different options. 

Simply choose the free provider you wish to view the movie through and it will link you straight to a new window where the movie will begin playing. 

You can also add a movie to your Favorites by scrolling over the movie poster image and clicking the blue "Add to Favorites" pop-up when it appears at the bottom of the image.