TV Shows on SelectTV

While we also include thousands of live and curated channels in our guide, the majority of TV shows in the SelectTV library are available to watch on-demand (not live). 

This means you can watch episodes online after they've aired on cable, often times less than 24 hours from when they premiered, if not later that week.


(Note that some networks and content providers will provide more in terms of full episodes, than others)

TV Shows On Demand
To find all TV shows available on SelectTV you can always start with using the search bar located at the top of each page.
The search results will then pull up all available TV shows, movies and other video clips including that search term.

You can also select TV Shows from the left side menu and the next page will present you with free TV show options. You'll see genres like "Action", "Drama" "Comedy" and more. 

Under each TV show here you'll see the different provider options to view it through. Just select a particular TV show to be taken to its respective show page, which will include a show description, rating, cast list and list of episodes available. 

Click "Watch Now" for an episode to then choose the free content provider to begin streaming it.

To add the TV show to your Favorites, just drag your mouse over the TV show image and click the blue "Add to Favorites" icon that appears.