Finding your way around

Site Navigation

When you log in to the site, you'll see a toggle located in the top left corner of each page, which allows you to sort between "All" content or "Free Only" content.

There's also a navigation menu along the left side of the page. This menu includes content categories like "TV Shows", "Movies", "Channels", "Music" and more.

Click on either of these sections to view the list of subcategories. Or, you can always use the search bar located at the top of each page to search for a particular TV show, movie or channel.


Channels Section

Much like cable, our live channels are scheduled programming, available 24/7. Some of our live channels are happening as you watch, and others are pre-recorded and delivered in a live format.

However, the vast majority of content included in our SmartGuide is available on-demand, not live. When you select "Channels" from the navigation menu, you'll then be able to look through different channel categories like "TV", "Movies", "Local Stations", "Music", "News" and more.


Selecting either of those sections will further expand that menu as seen in the images below. Then, when you choose a certain channel, it should open up and start playing in the video player to the right.


The vast majority of movies you see listed in our SmartGuide are free to watch. To find freely-available movies, click "On Demand" on the left side menu, then select "Movies". Under the Movies tab you'll see different genres listed such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy and more. Select either of those options to be brought to its respective on demand page. 

After selecting a free movie, just click "Watch Now". The next window that appears will then ask you to choose the free movie provider to view it through (see image below). Just select a free viewing option from that window to get taken to the movie.

NOTE: Depending on the content provider, there may be one or more ads which will play before the movie starts. However, once the ad is done, the movie should start playing, and the video player settings should become accessible as well.


In addition to all the free on demand movies included in our library at all times, you can also visit our channels section to view various movie channels. When you click "Channels" on the left navigation menu and then select "Movies", it will present you with different movie channels to choose from, like "Studios", "Movie Collections", Sci-Fi" and more. 

Note that you can also search for specific movies using the search bar located at the top of each page.

TV Shows

To find TV shows on SelectTV, select the On Demand menu and then choose TV Shows. This will extend a drop-down menu with TV show categories like Latest, Popular, Broadcast, Classics and more. 

When you choose "Genre", for example, you'll then be able to choose from "New", "Popular", "Broadcast Shows", "Cable Shows" and more. Select the show you're looking for to get taken to its respective show page.

Then just click on one of the free episodes listed on that show page and choose the free provider you wish to view it through.