Having trouble loading SelectTV app on my Android device

  1. Click on the Settings icon on your Android device. On most Androids devices the settings menu can be found in the upper right or left-hand corner of the screen.
    (You may have to swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up this menu)

  2. Under Settings, scroll down and select "Apps" or "Applications".
  3. Scroll down the Apps menu and choose the SelectTV app.
  4. Once you reach the App info screen, select "Storage" > Click on the "Clear cache" button and confirm.
  5. Go back to the SelectTV app and try to open it once again.

If the issue persists, repeat the steps above until you reach the "Storage" section again. This time select "Clear data". Then, when you go back and open the app again, it will present you with the welcome and login screens.